Saturday, October 03, 2020

Today -100: October 3, 1920: Of sitting down with the Senate, hecklers, and weak war beer

In Kansas City, Cox says Ireland will soon be independent, and as president he would bring the matter before the League of Nations. He denies what some people have been saying, that Article X of the Covenant would require the US to help Britain put down Irish rebellion (it really wouldn’t) (that said, it’s far from clear that the League has any jurisdiction while Ireland is still part of the UK). Cox says he would “sit down with the Senate” and work out any necessary reservations to the Peace Treaty.

A man arrested at Warren Harding’s campaign meeting in Baltimore for trying to ask a question about the League of Nations sues Republican officials and the cops for $100,000. To be fair to Harding, he did invite the man onto the stage, but the cops grabbed him as he was making his way forward.

Beverage of the Day -100: 

Weak war beer is the worst kind of war beer.

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