Monday, October 12, 2020

Today -100: October 12, 1920: Of revelry, nuns, and uncorked

A warder in Cork jail is kidnapped. He had been accused of tormenting hunger-striking prisoners.

NYC Mayor John Hylan complained about charges in the Philadelphia Public Ledger that the NYPD aren’t doing much to enforce prohibition and may even be in league with bootleggers. Hylan demanded proof. So the reporter, J.C. Daschbach, comes to New York with proof that the mayor was recently at a dinner (or “orgy,” as the reporter puts it) where... alcohol was present. Hylan didn’t take any of the Demon Rum, “But those who saw say that he enjoyed every bit of the revelry produced by those who imbibed.”

Cardinal Gibbons of Baltimore, who I don’t remember being exactly supportive of women’s suffrage, tells nuns they should register to vote.

Author Anatole France marries again, at 76.

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