Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Today -100: October 13, 1920: Wiggling and wabbling

A baseball team wins the World Series.

Cox calls Harding a “wabbler,” which turns out to just mean wobbler. He says Harding’s latest position on the League of Nations is his 11th, and that position calls for a nebulous “association of nations” to replace the League, about which Harding himself said “I have not in mind a single constructive idea”.

The London Evening News claims Terence MacSwiney is only alive (on Day 61 of his hunger strike) because he’s been taking fruit juices, wine and spirits.

Night riders burn cotton gins in the South.

Russia and Poland sign a peace treaty. Described as a peace without victors, Poland gets a bit more territory, but no financial settlement, and Lithuania is now cut off from Russia. And Poland has occupied Vilna. Will the League do anything about this?

A pigeon fancier in New York is pissed that his $1,500 (!) show pigeons keep getting stolen, probably for use in 30¢ stews.

What To See: George M. Cohan on Broadway in “The Meanest Man in the World.”  Filmed in 1943 with Jack Benny, which I’ve somehow never seen.

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