Friday, October 09, 2020

Today -100: October 9, 1920: Of dangerous propositions, ethnic cleansing, and reapportionment

Harding calls the League of Nations Covenant’s Article X “the most dangerous proposition ever presented to the American people.” His new tagline is that you can have the Covenant or the Constitution. And while he’s admitting that the claim that the League could vote the US into a war without congressional approval is false, the US would be morally obligated, or something.

Hungary orders the expulsion of all Jews who have arrived in the country since 1914. There have been recent reports of anti-Semitic violence, some of it by the military.

Now that the census report is out, Congress has to decide whether to increase the size of the House of Representatives by 50 in line with population growth, which was past practice but is beginning to seem a bit much, keep it at 435 with more residents per rep, or even reduce it to 300. No one’s suggesting the thing that will actually happen.

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