Monday, May 16, 2022

Today -100: May 16, 1922: Of duels, child labor, and Rudy’s marriages

Benito Mussolini fights a duel – with swords, no less – with the editor of the Turin Secolo, Mario Missiroli. Mussolini is declared the victor after 7 assaults (or the duel is called when he is injured on the hand, depending on which account you read).

The Supreme Court overturns the 1919 federal law against child labor which put a 10% excise tax on factories employing children under 14 or mines children under 16. The Court says that’s a state issue.

The Superior Court in Los Angeles says Rudolph Valentino’s Mexican marriage with Winifred Hudnut last week is not valid in California because his divorce from Jean Ackers isn’t final yet (or it is final, but he has to wait one year before remarrying, depending on which account you read).

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