Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Today -100: May 31, 1922: Of memorials and parades

The Lincoln Memorial is dedicated by Harding (and where’s the Harding Memorial, I ask you?). Present are some Civil War vets, a few of whom knew Lincoln personally, as well as Robert Todd Lincoln. They’ve been building this thing since 1914. Is the dedication segregated? What do you think?

New Yorkers celebrate Memorial Day with a parade in which a soldier is crushed between two tanks and a children’s procession which witnesses two men run over by an elevated train.

Former Texas Gov. James Ferguson, impeached in 1917, and his wife Miriam (not sure if they’re doing that obnoxious “Ma” and “Pa” shtick yet) are both running for the US Senate, although only she has filed for it so far.

Flags are flown at half-staff at Germany’s Reichstag building and cabinet members all wear black in sorrow at the loss of Upper Silesia to Poland.

The Italian government bans all parades, in order to prevent Fascist-Communist clashes and, presumably, soldiers being crushed by tanks.

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  1. Marion, Ohio. I've actually been there. Not big crowds.

  2. Ha, so it is. They request you not rollerblade on it or use drones.