Monday, May 23, 2022

Today -100: May 23, 1922: Such an event as this murder demands just retribution

William Twaddell, a member of the Northern Ireland Parliament, is assassinated by 3 members of the IRA on the streets of Belfast. Whether this story is funny or not depends entirely on how Mr. Twaddell pronounced his name. NI PM Sir James Craig calls for a “just retribution.”

The violence has been ramping up in Ulster, while the Irish Free State has been calming down since the Free State and anti-Treaty sides came to an agreement for a coalition government and for elections next month, an agreement which has British Colonial Secretary Winston Churchill so worried that he demands both sides come to London to explain it to him. The problem is that the agreement means there won’t, for now, be a proper referendum on the new constitution (won’t be until the 1930s, in fact).

Nicaragua has an 8-hour revolution. Rebels capture a fortress overlooking Managua, but the US Marines, still occupying the country, as was the custom, threaten to use their artillery on the fortress to “protect American interests.” The rebels surrender after the Marines broker a conference between them and the government at which the latter agrees to pardon any civilian rebels and to limit the imprisonment of military rebels to 30 days.

The outside world seems to have no news sources inside Bulgaria, so there is no confirmation or denial today of yesterday’s rumor of an alliterative Communist coup there, but in the only dispatch coming from the country today, about a forthcoming Peasant Congress, “no mention was made of revolutionary activities.”

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