Saturday, May 28, 2022

Today -100: May 28, 1922: Of signs of reviving idealism, mandates, odd feet, treason, and lynchings

Former President Woodrow Wilson, who’s been increasingly involving himself in politics again recently, praises the Democratic Union of Women of Manhattan for rejecting any William Randolph Hearst candidacy. He calls their act “one of the many signs of the reviving idealism of the country.” 

The pope protests to the League of Nations about the British mandate in Palestine, which he says threatens religious equality, by which he means it gives too much power to Zionist Jews.

Dancer Isadora Duncan is banned from Britain, and possibly the US as well, because she’s a Russian citizen now, as far as they’re concerned, having married Ukranian poet Sergei Yesenin earlier this month.

Headline of the Day -100:  

Decoration Day will be celebrated by the 49 widows of War of 1812 soldiers. None of that war’s soldiers are alive, but there are 73 living vets of the Mexican-American War, the youngest of whom are 89, so they must have been, what, 14 when they joined up?

Charles Blizzard of the United Mine Workers is acquitted of treason for the West Virginia miners’ strike. The jury didn’t take much time. I hadn’t realized this, but the charge of treason against Blizzard and many other union officials is treason against West Virginia. Are people ever charged with treason against a state these days?

Fascists are again killing Communists all over Italy. Firearm permits have been withdrawn for the Rome region and in Florence guns and walking canes are also banned.

A black man is lynched in Waco, Texas, and Texas Rangers are now guarding 5 black men sentenced for murder in McLellan County Jail, which is surrounded by a mob.

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