Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Today -100: May 3, 1922: Of compensation and unseemliness

At the Genoa Conference, the Allies have been working on formulating terms to present to Russia, but at the last minute French Prime Minister Raymond PoincarĂ© intervenes to order the French delegation not to sign, following Belgium’s decision to do the same. Belgium wants seized foreign-owned property in Russia returned, which would mean restoration of private property rights in Russia, instead of compensation or the 99-year leases which Lloyd George seems to think would sidestep Russia’s socialist ideals if they were, you know, looking for a loophole. Part of his plan is an arbitration panel with a member named by US Chief Justice Taft; don’t know if anyone asked whether the US or indeed Taft are willing to do this (OK, another article says Harding has expressed himself privately as extremely gratified). Anyway, the statement will be sent to the Russians without French or Belgian signatures.

After Pres. Harding meets Pennsylvania  Attorney General George Alter, who is running for governor, the White House insists Harding is not endorsing Alter in the primary, or indeed anyone in any Republican primary, because that would be “unseemly.”

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