Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Today -100: May 24, 1922: Of burning hotels, Irish roses, and pearls

The Catholic Protection Committee in Northern Ireland telegrams Colonial Secretary Winston Churchill, drawing to his attention that 27 Catholics have been killed in 10 days and hundreds evicted. And in Dublin a hotel owned by Churchill is burned down by arson.

Following the assassination of Northern Ireland Parliament MP William Twaddell, NI bans the IRA, the Irish Republican Brotherhood, and various associated organizations, and arrests hundreds of supposed IRA leaders. PM Sir James Craig says that the agreement between the two sides in the South means he can no longer deal with the Irish Free State government – not that he was actually cooperating with them in anything.

In other, um, Irish news, “Abie’s Irish Rose” opens on Broadway. Anne Nichols’s play tells the story of a Jewish boy and an Irish Catholic girl who marry. The NYT says it’s “funny.” It will run until 1927, setting a Broadway record. Robert Benchley wrote: “People laugh at this every night, which explains why a democracy can never be a success.”

Mrs. Hammell, president of the League of Women Voters, is in a legal dispute with her maid. The maid ate one of the clams she was opening for her boss’s dinner and nearly choked to death on a pearl. Hammell demanded the pearl but Lottie refused to give it up. She has consulted a lawyer, who says she has title to it. This is on the front page of the NYT, above the fold.

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