Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Today -100: May 25, 1922: Of normal threatening, bailiffs, lawless kleagles, and lynchings

Nope, there’s no Communist revolution in Bulgaria, and the king has not fled the country. The US ambassador informs the State Dept, “While the political situation is rather threatening, conditions generally are normal.”

We haven’t heard much about Illinois Gov. Len Small’s corruption trial, but now the jury is threatening to strike because the elderly bailiffs have been insisting they go to bed at 9:00. The bailiffs complain that the jurors make fun of them when they can’t keep up during their daily constitutional. 

Oh no! There’s turmoil in the California Ku Klux Klan, and all the kleagles have been de-kleagled because of “lawlessness.”

A black man accused of cattle rustlin’ is whipped to death in Texas, which has seen an awful lot of lynchings this month. Lieutenant Governor Lynch Davidson says, “What? What’re you looking at me for?”

And black man Jom Denson escapes a lynch mob in Georgia when the mob’s car breaks down. He flees into the woods but is later recaptured and put in “safe keeping” in Bibb County jail, although since he’s been sentenced to hang – legally, so that’s ok, right? – the safety of the keeping might be in some question.

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