Thursday, June 16, 2022

Today -100: June 16, 1922: Have no sensational announcement to make

The draft Irish constitution is released, a full day before the Constituent Assembly elections, which should give the voters plenty of time to absorb the details. Those details include equal suffrage between men and women (unlike in Britain), proportional representation, referenda, and Ireland not being forced into some war unless it’s actually being invaded. In general, the position of Ireland re Britain would be similar to Canada’s.

Supposedly Lenin’s German doctors are telling him he needs to rest at a sanitarium for at least 6 months. They recommend German sanitaria because there are no decent Russian ones. So they’re looking for one that will be happy to admit a patient with a battalion of guards.

The foreign communists supporting the Social Revolutionary defendants at the Moscow show trial withdraw, correctly claiming the judges have been obstructing the defense. The judges reply that the counsel have been unreasonable from the start and “They quit the Court because the political situation is against them.”

The World Court is open for business. There are only two things on its docket, advisory opinions on 1) whether the International Labor Organization covers agricultural workers and 2) whether the Dutch delegates to the ILO were properly chosen.

Marconi sailed to the US on his floating lab/yacht, trying to pick up radio messages from Mars but, replying to the AP, says “Have no sensational announcement to make.”

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