Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Today -100: June 22, 1922: Of mandates, funky vitamins, menaces, shameful documents, tools of international bankers, and barrels

The British House of Lords rejects the League of Nations mandate for Palestine for violating the pledges Britain made to the people of Palestine by giving the Zionist minority more power than the Arab majority.

Several thousand striking coal miners attack a mine near Herrin, Illinois, killing 22 scabs.

Headline of the Day -100:  

Sounds like the title of a late ‘60s movie that Vincent Price was ill-advised to agree to. Casimir Funk, by the way, discovered vitamins and came up with that word, although he spelled it vitamine.

The Illinois state Supreme Court affirms the imprisonment of 19 Communists for, you know, being Communists. “Communists are a menace,” says the court.

Éamon de Valera says the proposed Irish constitution will “exclude from public service, and practically disfranchise, every honest Republican” by the required oath to the king and Empire. The Republic of Ireland newspaper, edited by Erskine Childers, who lost his election race for the Dáil, calls it a “shameful document.”

The Paterson, New Jersey Ku Klux Klan protests the closing of public schools to honor the late Dean William McNulty of St. John’s Catholic Church, which they say violates the separation of church & state.

NYC Mayor John Hylan denounces Democratic women who prefer Alfred E. Smith over William Randolph Hearst for governor of NY as “misguided” tools of “international bankers who have their clutches on the Government at Washington” and “public utilities and corporate interests which are in control of the State Government”. 

The bathing suit war continues in Atlantic City, which has decreed that bathers must wear coats over their bathing suits as they walk to and from the beach. As a protest, the guests of one unnamed hotel buy barrels to wear instead.

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