Monday, June 27, 2022

Today -100: June 27, 1922: Of ultimata, indefinite occupations, and goodykoontzes

In the British Parliament, Colonial Secretary Winston Churchill demands the Provisional Government of Ireland suppress the anti-treaty IRA faction. The present situation, he says, is a violation of the Anglo-Irish Treaty and if the Irish government doesn’t crack down Britain is free to renounce the treaty and step in. Prime Minister David Lloyd George also makes a speech, which is considered “gloomy.”

The Senate committee on the US occupation of Haiti and Santo Domingo calls for “indefinite” continuation of the occupation of Haiti, as withdrawal would lead to revolution and brigandage. It dismisses most of the complaints of cruelty by Marines as false or hearsay testimony by illiterate natives and complains about “the process by which biased or interested individuals and committees and propagandists have seized on isolated instances, or have adopted as true any rumor however vile or baseless in an effort to bring into general disrepute the whole American naval force in Haiti.” They claim the majority of Haitians actually quite like being occupied.

$5,000 in ransom is sent for the release of former proto-FBI head A. Bruce Bielaski. The Mexican government orders that anyone connected with the kidnapping should be immediately executed.

Rep. Wells Goodykoontz (R-West Virginia, including Mingo) denounces the coal strike murders in Illinois and says the UMW should help the state prosecute its members. Rep. Edward Denison (R-Illinois, including Herrin) says Goodykoontz shouldn’t believe everything he reads in the newspaper. And yes, I’m only including item this to point out that there’s a congresscritter named Wells Goodykoontz. Which is also his porn name.

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