Monday, June 20, 2022

Today -100: June 20, 1922: In complete order

Lenin’s doctors say he’s much better. Better from what is not clear, since they refer to symptoms (now gone) of the stomach and bowel tract, disorder in the blood circulation (now better), and say “All the internal organs are in complete order” (alphabetical?), but fail to mention his stroke, which Russia is presumably back to denying ever happened.

It’s also denying that Russia is now run by a directorate.

The KKK orders Pennsylvania Prohibition Director John Davis to resign within 10 days or be tarred & feathered. “If they come I am ready for them,” he says. It is unclear what the Klan’s quarrel with Davis is.

Illinois Gov. Len Small’s lawyers decline to put on a defense in his corruption trial, a bold move you can only make if you know your client is innocent or has bribed the jury. One or the other.

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