Sunday, June 26, 2022

Today -100: June 26, 1922: A state of political bestiality prevails

A coroner’s jury puts the whole blame for the murders of 19 scabs and two union miners in Herrin, Illinois last week on the Southern Illinois Coal Company.

At the party celebrating Illinois Gov. Len Small’s acquittal, his wife has a stroke which, well, I’ll let her doctors’ statement say it: “Absolutely no hope. Fatal case. Sinking rapidly.”

There are worries that the assassination of Sir Henry Wilson means the IRA will continue killing people in London, but it is decided not to arm the police because that would be un-English.

German Chancellor Joseph Wirth accuses the Pan-Germans of creating the atmosphere in which the assassination of Foreign Minister Walther Rathenau took place. “A state of political bestiality prevails. ... Our enemies are those who pour poison into the nation’s wounds. These enemies are on the Right.” Steps are taken to ban any meetings or processions inciting the destruction of the Weimar Republic’s constitution and to ban organizations doing the same.

Postmasters are complaining that dry police are storing seized liquor at post offices, which are now too smelly to work in.

A. Bruce Bielaski, the former director of the forerunner to the FBI (1912-19), is kidnapped in Mexico.

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