Thursday, January 22, 1998

Bimbo eruptions/ jingle bells?

Billy Bob, Billy Bob, what will we do with you? Well, I have a few questions: 1) I keep hearing that Kenneth Starr offered Ms. Tripp immunity in exchange for wearing the wire, but I can't figure out what she needs immunity for. Anyone?

2) The FBI and Starr seem to me to have cooperated with Paula Jones's lawyers, in that the timing of their activities suggest they were waiting for Clinton and Lewinsky to perjure themselves, sitting on evidence in the meanwhile. Is this the proper role of either of them?

3) If Tripp was talking openly about the last mistress last summer, why was Lewinsky confiding in her more recently?

4) No one's yet asked Clinton about Gennifer Flowers. If it is true that his deposition admitted an affair with her, then he lied to the public about it and has no credibility over Lewinsky.

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