Saturday, January 10, 1998

Dole says illegal Democratic ads made him lose the election. Just keep telling yourself that.

Personal ad from *New Statesman*: "Angry young man, socialist, trade unionist, seeks angry young woman, rich, blonde, for mutual political awareness and more."

Cloning successfully creates a length of human blood vessel suitable for bypass surgery. Maybe Clinton, whose grasp of biology can be seen by his calling Socks "she" last week, could shut up about what he doesn't understand. That said, Dr. Richard Seed (Dick Seed, I mean really!) is without question the scum of the earth.

It seems that the Germans proved the link between tobacco and lung cancer back in 1941, but the report was never released. It's amazing what research can be done when the fuhrer really doesn't like smoking.

It is estimated that there are now 35,000 people living in polygamous families in the US, more than during Mormonism's heyday.

Charles Dickens caught VD from a French prostitute. Thought you'd like to know.

The age of puberty is still declining in this country. Black girls routinely (about half) have secondary sex characteristics by their 9th birthday. White girls 15%. Fat girls hit it early (the ratio of body fat fools their body--many of them also stop growing at that age). And girls in divorced families.

(from the Times):
Two NOP focus groups convened by The Sunday Times last week said that the Queen's handbag provoked more antagonism to the royal family than almost any other issue.

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