Friday, January 16, 1998

Fri, 16 Jan 1998

According to Michael Reagan's book about Ronnie, he was deliberately projecting himself as a "trigger-happy cowboy" to fool the Russians, and that line about the bombing beginning in 5 minutes was part of a clever plan that ultimately brought about the collapse of Communism. No sarcastic comment of mine could add to this.

Texas settles its product liability suit with the tobacco companies, and its lawyers get $2.2 billion (and all the 'baccy they can chaw, it being Texas). Here's an idea: why don't the states stop hiring outside counsel, and keep the extra piddling small change that might save?

The oldest woman to give birth in Britain (60 at the time) is now also a single mother, as the father has gone back to his wife. Here's a creepy image for you: she's breast-feeding. Sure, you're all completely grossed out, but think about how the poor kid feels.

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