Friday, January 30, 1998

Republicans, pissed that Clinton is still popular, going on offensive, including William Bennett, the brother of Clinton's lawyer.

Deja vu all over again: Iraq to use UN officials as human shields, ordering them into Baghdad hotels. Also, Pentagon touting its new smart bombs.

There is a campaign afoot in Britain to get a pardon for Helen Duncan, the last convicted witch. In 1941 at a seance she revealed the sinking of a ship that the government had covered up. She got 9 months, fortunately being sentenced under the 1735 Act which liberalized the law of witchcraft. The last execution was in 1712. The pardon campaign is being supported by Mrs Duncan, who died in 1956, although she says it's more important down here than up there.

Assisted suicide in Pennsylvania: Robert Smith executed. In jail for a robbery, he helped kill a man in jail for, and repeatedly bragging about, beating the 2-year old daughter of his girlfriend to death. The suicide part: Smith fired his lawyers and plead guilty, which he conditioned on getting the death sentence. The prosecutor had not asked for it: Smith did. He wanted to sell seats at his execution for $1,000 to benefit the family of his victim's victim; I assume Penn. didn't allow that.

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