Tuesday, January 06, 1998

Slow news day

The California Supreme Court rules that juries hearing cases of people fired "for cause" can hear only whether the employer had a reason to believe the charge was real and had conducted an investigation. In other words, innocence does not count. Someone tell the justices that this is not Texas, please.

Profile of a slow news day, from the contents page for the UK news section of the London Times:
[7]Muslims want name change for Mecca bingo
Community leaders say name is causing offence

[11]Fat is fanciable, says the body of evidence
Academic went on a high-calorie diet to discover how people would react to her at 15 stone

[15]Bonds of the Navy recruit 007 fans
Royal Navy's recruitment of Commander James Bond proves an unprecedented success

[20]Anger made me stab woman in head, says homeless teenager
19-year-old tells how he thrust knife to its hilt into woman's head in "rush of anger" on train

[21]Health risk to staff who say: Have a nice day
Strain of telling people to have a nice day can be fatal, according to study

[22]Robbers raided wrong shop [an optician!]
Paul Wilkinson reports on a hold-up doomed by criminal stupidity

[30]Car trek to circle world in 80 days
Motorists planning to drive classic cars around the world in 80 days to celebrate millennium

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