Thursday, January 29, 1998

The Clinton counterattack is not off to a good start. The Cum-back kid is not well served by his advisers. Dick Morris suggests that Hillary is a lesbian, and an unnamed White House aide tells the Washington Post, and I swear I'm not making this up, "She'd take little things and blow them up."

A new method that may help infertile men involves having his sperm developed inside...mice.

The most interesting bit in that Hillary Clinton interview was not the line about the vast right-wing conspiracy (Rush Limbaugh all by himself is a pretty vast right-wing conspiracy), but when she was asked about gifts Clinton is supposed to have given Ms Lewinsky. She said that it's “possible”. So one week into the scandal, we're expected to believe that she hasn't asked him about some of the basic facts.

Kenneth Starr, who once publicly rejected Clinton's arguments in the Paula Jones case that it should be postponed because the president is too busy to deal with such trivialities, today went to court to get Jones's lawyers to stop subpoeanaing his witnesses. The presidency may not be too important to be interfered with, but the investigation of the president, that's another matter.

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