Tuesday, January 13, 1998

Tue, 13 Jan 1998

The Supreme Court refuses to hear the case of a lesbian whose job invitation the Georgian Atty General revoked after hearing that she planned to marry her girlfriend. The ex-atty general says she might be perceived as not intending to uphold the state's laws against sodomy, showing himself to have as much clue as you'd expect of an official of the state of Georgia. He is now running for governor, despite an admitted adulterous affair with an employee--not that that has anything to do with hiring a young woman and then firing her when he found out she was a lesbian, no sirree bob.

A completely unrelated Georgia story:

Atlanta: Zell Miller, the Governor of Georgia, proposed that the state should provide the parents of every newborn with a classical music cassette or compact disc in order to boost the infant's intelligence later in life. Mr Miller proposed a $105,000 (#65,000) allocation for the programme in a $12.5 billion budget proposal, citing research showing that listening to a Mozart piano sonata led to an increase in students' IQ scores. (Reuters)

Of course if it does increase their IQ they have to leave the state--it's the law. Besides, Mozart leads to ballet which leads to sodomy, as we all know.

Himmler's appointment diary has been discovered, and historians are debating whether it contains the long-awaited smoking gun for the start of the Holocaust. He met with Hitler 12/18/41, subject: "the Jewish question." Himmler's note on the meeting: "To be exterminated as partisans." The order was given on December 12, the day after Germany declared war on the US.

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