Tuesday, January 20, 1998

Republicans are going after another Clinton nominee to the federal bench, a black woman, for evidently having told a prosecutor in 1985 to shut her fucking mouth. Can't have a potty mouth in district court, now can we?

The FDA insists that it has the authority to regulate human cloning. No one seems to have asked whether clones are a food or a drug. But, of course, soylent green *is* people.

A 12-year old boy in England will get the day off school to attend the birth of his child.

A camel has been successfully bred with a llama. The result is a cama.

The world's interest in refugees continues to decline. How many stories have you seen about the sudden outpouring of Kurds from Turkey two or three weeks ago? It has now stopped, since the Europeans asked Turkey if it wouldn't mind cracking down on these people, as if Turkey actually needed an invitation to repress Kurds.

There are several stories in the Wed. Guardian about the rise of fascism among E German youth. Well, xenophobia at least. Half the country is now "foreigner free" zones.

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