Sunday, October 07, 2007

In keeping with tactics taught to al Qaeda members through their training guide

Responding to claims by a released Guantanamo prisoner that guards abused the Koran, Navy spokesmodel Rick Haupt said, “Allegations from detainees is common behavior and in keeping with tactics taught to al Qaeda members through their training guide.” In keeping with. See, the very act of making accusations of abuse shows what bad people they are and why such accusations should be ignored. Just like hunger-striking is “consistent with Al Qaida training.”

Petraeus accuses the Iranian ambassador to Iraq of being a “Quds Force member,” implying without actually saying that he is using diplomatic cover for nefarious activities (“Now he has diplomatic immunity and therefore he is obviously not subject [to scrutiny]”).

He also accuses the Quds Force of arming, funding and directing operations that have killed US soldiers, saying, “There should be no question about the malign, lethal involvement and activities of the Quds Force in this country.” Really, there should be no question. Don’t question anything I say.

Really, malign, lethal involvement and activities. Who do they think they are, Blackwater?

Col. Combover also said that Baghdad is now so safe, “You could walk right down Haifa street right now.” He speaks in the second person because he personally certainly hasn’t done that, and isn’t going to do that. “Nobody will let me do it,” the supreme commander said.

This morning, Bush attended the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Weekend. Had himself a fine old time.

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