Saturday, October 20, 2007

It’s important to be a commercial fisherman

This morning, Bush gave a speech on migratory bird conservation, of all things. He said, “I’ve come to discuss a strategy to enhance those habitats, without which many birds could become severely challenged.”

In the picture below are two creatures, one noted for its loud screech, the other a screech owl.


Then Laura unhinged her jaw and swallowed it whole.


Speaking of severely challenged, Bush then went to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, where he made a joke about the Secret Service not allowing him to hunt with Cheney and signed an executive order to protect striped bass and red drum fish, if by “protect” you mean keep enough of them alive so that sport fishermen (so much for politically correct terms) can torture them with sharp hooks and asphyxiation. He said, “Good policy will help our commercial fishermen and good policy will help our sport fishermen.” Sounds like the fish are pretty much fucked either way. He said, “Listen, it’s important to be a commercial fisherman; I understand that.” Then he signed the executive order and went off to kill some fish.

Bush Going Fishing

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