Saturday, October 13, 2007

Taking more of a risk toward following their instincts

Bush gave an interview to CNBC Thursday, pushing those free-trade treaties. He’s very much in favor of choice, which is why he so often gives us the choice between some words and some other words: “I believe that a world that welcomes US products and goods and services is beneficial for American farmers and manufacturers. In other words, if there’s more customers for what we produce here in America, the better off the producers will be. It’s also good for consumers that we have open markets. In other words, the more options the consumer has, the less inflationary our society can be. And I think it’s good when consumers are able to have a variety of choices. And so I – it’s going to be very important for me to continue to explain the positive side of trade. In other words, people are getting work.”

Asked about Iraq: “Well, I think it’s going – there’s been a change in Iraq because people are now beginning to feel more secure. And when people feel more secure, they take a – more of a risk toward, you know, following their instincts, which is to have a peaceful society under a constitution that they voted for.”

Speaking of taking more of a risk toward, you know, following their instincts, one Iraqi man asked after the most recent US bombing that killed 15 civilians, “Where can anybody be safe from Bush’s democracy?”

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