Sunday, October 21, 2007

Republican debate: There’s nothing funny about Hillary Clinton being president

Transcript. Today’s pictures once again illustrate the many hand gestures of the Republican Party.

Thompson makes a fat joke about Ted Kennedy.

McCain says Romney trying to “fool” people about his own record and McCain’s, says the American people can’t be fooled. Maybe, but you’re running in the Republican primary...

Huckabee says “most” of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were clergymen. Wrong wrong wrong. There was just one.

Tancredo says Reagan brought freedom to El Salvador. I’m pretty sure he mistook El Salvador for Nicaragua. Not right in either case.

Guys, tell us what you really think about Hillary.

Romney wants a “national standard” for marriage. Possibly the Osmonds. Giuliani only supports a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage if there is more “judicial activism,” and so loves marriage that he performed 210 marriages as mayor, and “They were all men and women. I hope.”

Huckabee on health care: “when all the old hippies find out that they get free drugs, just wait till what that’s gonna cost”.

Giuliani thanks Florida for blowing the 2000 election.

Thompson says the Democrats “try our troops in the newspapers”. What is he talking about, the Haditha Massacre courts-martial?

McCain says he fought Hillary’s attempts to fund a Woodstock museum. Says he’s sure it was a cultural and pharmaceutical event; he was “tied up at the time.” So was Tancredo, but it was by a call girl. (Update: as I was writing this, 63 minutes after the end of a debate, an email arrived from the McCain campaign with “I was tied up at the time” as the subject line, so that’s what they want you to take from this debate.) Says “no one can be president... who supports projects such as these.” So Hillary is disqualified from the presidency by her support for the Woodstock museum.

Just as Thompson recently talked about the “Soviet Union” as if it still exists, McCain wants to install a missile defense system in “Czechoslovakia.” Says again that when he looked into Putin’s eyes, he saw three letters (one in each eye?): KGB. In Cyrillic, one presumes.

Guys, tell us what you really think about Reagan.

Thompson says Nancy Pelosi injected partisan politics by bringing up Armenian genocide. How is Armenian genocide partisan?

Er, I was eating during this debate, so I forget who thinks that if everyone was forced to buy private health insurance, the cost would be cut in half [Update: Giuliani]. And several of them said that Turkey was perfectly within its rights to invade Iraq, but I forget which ones. Sorry.

Thompson interrupts Brit Hume’s wrapping up to finish answering a question about whether he’s lazy, says that he’s not lazy because he was a father at 17 and he has two children under the age of 4 now. New Thompson slogan: Not Too Lazy To Fuck, Just Too Lazy To Put on a Condom.

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