Monday, October 29, 2007

Obama reaches out to hermetically sealed gays and nontraditional people

Barack Obama called up the NYT a couple of days ago to announce that he plans to attack Hillary for being too poll-driven and vague and disciplined, and since then has worked to make poll-driven and vague and disciplined look good by a series of gaffes, including lecturing gays (oh all right, L’s, G’s, B’s and T’s), who he believes are “hermetically sealed from the faith community,” by which he means that he thinks they never ever hear homophobic Christians saying that they’re going to hell, and are the poorer for it.

I hadn’t been planning to mention that, since I don’t think any blog reader has been hermetically sealed from that quote today, but a Google News search for it returned hits only from gay publications and websites.

And an article about campaigns reaching out to Hispanic voters quotes Obama’s head of Hispanic outreach, Joan Kato: “We are reaching out to nontraditional people.” I think you’ll find, Joan, that Hispanics think of themselves as just, you know, people.

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