Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Will we have confidence in the liberty to be transformative?

Bush spoke this morning at the National Defense University. He went there because the students, unlike those of the inferior National Defense Community College, have been rigorously taught all about wars and stuff: “The men and women of the National Defense University understand what is at stake in today’s war. First of all, you understand we’re in war. And secondly, you understand the stakes of this war.”

BUSH CHANNELS STEPHEN HAWKING: “With the presence -- with the passage of time, the memories of September the 11th have grown more distant. That’s natural. That’s what happens with time.”

EMPTY CHATTER: “They intend to strike our country again. Oh, some dismiss that as empty chatter; I’m telling you, they intend to strike our country again.”

A REAL CHALLENGE: “And one of the real challenges we face is will we have confidence in the liberty to be transformative?”

He claimed that CIA torture of prisoners had thwarted numerous terrorist plots and posed a query: “Those who oppose this vital tool in the war on terror need to answer a simple question: Which of the attacks I have just described would they prefer we had not stopped?”

The main thrust of the speech was a call for Star Wars in Europe: “The need for missile defense in Europe is real and I believe it’s urgent.” How urgent? “Iran could develop an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the United States and all of Europe before 2015. ... Today, we have no way to defend Europe against the emerging Iranian threat”. The emerging threat that Iran will go to war with Europe in 2015. Sorry Europe, but honestly, I’m prepared to risk it.

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