Friday, March 11, 2011

Today -100: March 11, 1911: Of new flags, perfect health, aviators, and quitting playwrights

Francisco Madero’s brother Gustavo says the insurrectos will be in Mexico City by Cinco de Mayo. As guests of President Díaz? some smart-ass reporter asks. No, to raise a new flag.

In Yucatan, the rebels capture two (or more) towns. They rename one Madero.

Meanwhile, the 80-year-old Díaz sends a telegram to the NYT that his health is “perfect.”

The German military wants to train pilots and is asking for unmarried lieutenants to volunteer for a two-month flying course, from which it will pick the 60 with the best sight and lowest weight.

Booth Tarkington says he is done writing plays. He never wants to look at a rehearsal again. He will change his mind.

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