Monday, March 28, 2011

Today -100: March 28, 1911: Of blame, corn syrup, and the race for the pole

The blame game over the Triangle fire is seriously underway between the city, borough, state, the Building Dept., the State Labour Commission, and the fire dept. The last seems the least to blame for the lack of fire escapes in the Asch Building: the fire chief has been screaming about this for years, only to be shot down on “aesthetic” – certainly not on cost, why would you even think that? – grounds. As to the direct cause of the fire, investigators are leaning towards a cigarette or match thrown into piles of fabric waste (smoking was banned in the factory, but it’s not like they could sneak out for a smoke – the exits were locked). To this day the cause is a matter of dispute. A spark from one of the machines might have done it.

The majority of female students at Cornell petition against having to share dorms with black students. There aren’t any now, but two have applied for rooms.

The Novelty Candy Plant has been taken over by the Corn Products Refining Company. Junk food made of corn syrup, what ever will they think of next?

The Scott-Amundsen race for the South Pole is on, baby!

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