Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today -100: March 30, 1911: Of suffrage, sacred wampum, income tax, and excessive rope jumping

Women’s suffrage fails in the Minnesota state senate 32-32.

Much of the NY state capitol burned down. It was uninsured. The State Library was destroyed, including many irreplaceable manuscripts, such as the correspondence of Gov. George Clinton. The sacred wampum of the Six Nations was (were? is wampum a singular or a plural noun?) also destroyed.

12 states have rejected the constitutional amendment for a federal income tax, meaning it can’t be ratified unless one of them retracts.

8-year-old Mary Tamplin dies “as a result of excessive rope jumping.” She was in a jump-roping contest with a friend. 698 times. Doesn’t say who won. Her classmates will be pallbearers. 8-year-old pallbearers?

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