Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Unfortunately diverting attention

$1.4m in blood money and CIA spy Ray Davis gets away with shooting two Pakistanis on the streets of Lahore. Or, as Hillary Clinton put it, “the families of the victims of the January 27th incident pardoned Mr. Davis, and we are very grateful for their decision.” She denied that the US had paid any blood money:
Q: Okay. So categorically, the U.S. taxpayer is not paying 2.3 million or whatever it was?

CLINTON: The United States does not pay any compensation.

Q: Did anyone pay compensation at the behest of the United States?

CLINTON: The United States did not pay any compensation.

Er, right.

She also says that Bahrain’s use of violence and imported Saudi troops against protesters is “unfortunately diverting attention and effort away from the political and economic track that is the only way forward to resolve the legitimate differences of the Bahrainis themselves.” Unfortunately diverting attention, the cads!

She also seems to be making the wholly unwarranted assumption that the Bahraini monarchy wants to resolve the legitimate differences of the Bahrainis themselves.

In other news, the Obama admin wants the power to wiretap suspected infringers of copyrights and trademarks.

The Daily Telegraph reports the death of Peter Loader, who they say was a “Hostile fast bowler for Surrey and England who took a famous hat-trick against the West Indies.” Honestly, sometimes I think the Brits just string random words together.

Evidently Glenn Beck today demonstrated how the Japanese nuclear meltdowns are no big deal, using only a wok, a steamer, and a tube of M&M’s.

The WaPo website redesign eliminated the A section print edition page I used to read the paper. Booo!

Google Reader just added a banner type thing that covers up post titles or anything else at the top of the page, making it unusable in Firefox. Booo!

Blogger has added ability to subscribe to this blog by email (looks like it sends the email once a day, if there’s new content, not whenever I post something). Sign up in the right-hand column. Yay!

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