Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Until the last man and woman

Libyan clothes horse Muammar Qaddafi gave a 2½ hour speech today. He said that there had been “no peaceful demonstrations at all” in the last couple of weeks, and that no government officials have resigned. But then again, he says that he can’t resign either, because he doesn’t actually have any job – he’s the Sarah Palin of Libya – “I carried out a revolution in the 70s, handed over power to the people and then rested.” He does look very well rested, doesn’t he?

If foreign troops invade, they “will be entering hell and they will drown in blood.” But then again, he also says that about “whoever took the last Pop-Tart, which I was totally saving for a snack while watching Glee.” He will fight “until the last man and woman.” But not until the last voluptuous Ukrainian nurse, because she left last week.

He blamed the unrest – which totally doesn’t exist – on Al Qaida, which of course serves Western interests. Er, it’s all very subtle.

And then he got in the Qaddafi-mobile and left.

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