Sunday, March 13, 2011

Today -100: March 13, 1911: Of the Republic of Díaz, the most dangerous game, and suffragettes & Mormons

“Los Angeles horsewoman” (and women’s suffragist) Flora S. Russell broke through the lines of both Mexican and US troops to plant the flag of something called the “Republic of Díaz.” “I wanted to prove that women have the courage of men,” she said.

Mexican Prez Díaz tells the AP that he is completely healthy, that conditions are improving in Chihuahua, and that military operations there do not constitute warfare but “hunting.”

A US Army private, part of the mobilization on the Mexican border, was stabbed in Galveston after his companion made some sort of racist remark in the black part of town. Soldiers responded with a rampage, beating up blacks and Mexicans, and setting a house on fire.

In a “humorous” editorial about Mormon proselytization in Britain, the NYT suggests that English suffragettes should consider emigrating to Utah and becoming polygamous wives because, not having to pay as much attention to their husbands as monogamous wives, they’d have plenty of time for politics.

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