Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Today -100: March 16, 1911: Of military spirit, land reform, and walruses

Adjt. Gen. William Verbeck of the NY National Guard says that the military spirit in America is at a low ebb, and he blames 1) the Carnegie peace fund, 2) the Lake Mohonk Peace Conference, 3) the hostile attitude of women teachers to military drill, 4) the Boy Scouts’ hostility to things military, 5) commercialism and worship of the dollar, 6) the time wasted by social obligations, 7) the hostility of wives to time spent by their husbands on military stuff, 8) the ridicule to which military officers are subjected, 9) the number of fraternal organizations permitted to wear gorgeous military uniforms, to the disadvantage of the plainer ones worn by soldiers, 10) the lack of education of the general public re military affairs.

Mexican President Díaz promises land reform – just as soon as this little rebellion is over.

Some insurrectos sneak into Juarez and blow up the barracks. Guess they don’t want land reform.

Headline of the Day -100: “Warships to Save Walrus.” For realz: Denmark is sending warships to stop Americans hunting the walruses of Greenland into extinction.

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