Saturday, November 10, 2018

Today -100: November 10, 1918: Willy out

Kaiser Wilhelm abdicates as emperor of Germany and king of Prussia. Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm renounces the thrones. Ernest Augustus, Duke of Brunswick, Wilhelm’s son-in-law, abdicates as well.

Friedrich Ebert of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) will be chancellor.

Independent Socialist journalist (and author of the 1892 “Psychopathia Spiritualis”) Kurt Eisner, fresh out of prison, declares Bavaria a republic called the People’s State of Bavaria, with himself as premier. Which is a surprise to those who were told that he killed himself in prison in April.

Wilson is sending Herbert Hoover to Europe to organize food for the liberated areas.

In the mean time, Hoover’s Food Administration asks Americans to give up “fourth meals” – afternoon teas, theater suppers. It says club lunches and the like should take the place of a meal rather than be an additional meal.

Recommended: BBC documentary “WW I: The Final Hours,” available on the iPlayer and wherever those of us outside the UK go on the web to watch BBC documentaries. Watch it while ingesting your fourth meal.

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