Sunday, November 25, 2018

Today -100: November 25, 1918: When any one is without food he is apt to do many unusual and violent things

Mrs Minnie Grinstead, a former lecturer for the Women’s Christian Temperance Union, is elected the first woman to enter the Kansas House of Representatives, in an election which sees her fellow Republicans take 113 out of 125 seats. 48 are farmers and 1 is a tombstone dealer. In her 6 years in the legislature, she will attempt to ban cigarettes in the state and will introduce a bill for court awards for injuries to women to go to them rather than their husbands. Neither will pass.

Headline of the Day -100:

In an AP interview, former Austrian emperor Charles says the Allies should start feeding the Austrians quickly, or risk Bolshevism: “The people here are fine, kind and patient, but when any one is without food he is apt to do many unusual and violent things.”

King Albert of Belgium, back in Brussels to a rapturous reception and only a few calls for a republic, calls for equal suffrage “for all men of the mature age required” (there was a system of plural voting in which educated or wealthy men’s votes counted 2 or 3 times). I think the mature age thing means he wants to keep the voting age at 25 (30 for the senate). Next year plural voting will be abolished and the male voting age lowered to 21; women will get the national franchise in 1948.

Taft says he’d accept the job as baseball commissioner only if  he’d be sole decider of law and fact in arbitration cases.

Headline of the Day -100:  

They’re pretty sure it’s a lion or panther that escaped from a circus.

Now Playing: “My Cousin,” starring Enrico Caruso in two roles as identical cousins, a poor sculptor and a big opera star, featuring Caruso singing (we’ll have to take their word for it) Pagliacci. Flicking through it on YouTube, I saw an intertitle that began “Mama mia, sir.”

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