Friday, November 02, 2018

Today -100: November 2, 1918: But without the Hapsburgs!

A subway train heading for Coney Island jumps the track and crashes into a concrete partition, killing 93 or more people. The executives of the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company are ordered arrested. They had put an inexperienced man at the controls during a motormen strike after just 2 hours of training (also he was pulling a double shift and his kid had just died of Spanish Flu) and he took a curve way too fast. It didn’t help that the cars were old wooden ones. The driver and the execs will be tried for manslaughter, but acquitted.  (There’s an article, with pictures, in today’s paper. You know, today today).

Bosnia-Herzegovina quits Austria-Hungary and joins Serbia. Good luck with that, guys.

The first thing independent Czechoslovakia does is stop the export of food and coal to Germany and Austria.

In Vienna, one of the 3 presidents of the Provisional National Assembly for What’s Left of Austria After Everyone Else Has Fucked Off, Dr. Franz Dinghofer, tells a meeting that the national government will take over the administration tomorrow. “But without the Hapsburgs!” the crowd replies.

The 3 co-presidents, by the way, are Dinghofer, Seitz and Fink, which sounds like the characters in a Marx Brothers movie.

István Tisza, Hungary’s prime minister at the start of the war but not since June 1917, is assassinated by soldiers (or just men in military disguise?). In his villa, not while he was out walking as the NYT says.

NY Republicans complain about a fake pro-Gov.-Whitman-reelection postcard sent to women voters:

Former President Taft complains about Pres. Wilson calling for Democrats to be elected to Congress, which he says is “a demand for power during the next two years equal to that of the Hohenzollerns”. So he calls for Republicans to be elected to Congress “so that President Wilson would be held to an unconditional surrender by Germany and not be allowed to make a peace by negotiation.”

The Spectator (London) suggests that Germany’s colonies be handed over to the US. Imperialism loves company.

No he doesn’t. 

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