Monday, November 19, 2018

Today -100: November 19, 1918: Of guests, prohibition, and red flags

Former kaiser Wilhelm Hohenzollern is already thinking about going back to Germany. Which must be a relief to Count Bentinck, who didn’t offer to put him up but was asked to by the Dutch government. When Willy arrived Bentinck asked how long he was going to stay and Willy said, “That depends upon the Dutch government,” which is just what you want to hear from a house guest.

Wilson says he will go the peace conference, at least for the start of it, because discussing things via cable is just so impersonal.

The Senate passes “wartime” prohibition, effective until the end of demobilization.

NYC Mayor John Hylan orders the police to pull down any red flags, which he calls “emblematic of unbridled license and an insignia for law hating and anarchy” and to disperse unauthorized gatherings.

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