Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Today -100: November 28, 1918: Of Wilson’s disfavor, Spartacides, 20 bullet holes, and physical training

The White House is shipping 13 automobiles for Wilson and his party to use in France, because... France doesn’t have any cars?

Headline of the Day -100: 

The refusal of Adm. Beatty to receive three members of the Soldiers' Council as part of a German naval delegation is being taken as indicative of the Allies picking and choosing which forms of German governance to recognize. Moderates (including non-revolutionary socialists) are pushing for a quick constitutional convention to establish representative government (rather than the various councils) in Germany on a legitimate basis.

Why is the NYT referring to the Spartacus League as “Spartacides?”

Soldiers’ groups in Cologne offer a $20,000 reward for the former kaiser and crown prince, dead or alive.

Or is it actually “former” kaiser? It seems there are no official documents of his abdication in Germany.

Reporter Carl Ackerman ventures into Ekaterinburg to find out whether Czar Nicholas and his family were really executed there. “There is no evidence except some twenty bullet holes in the wall”. Which he discounts, but doesn’t say where he thinks the Romanovs are now. Alive and well and living in Argentina?

Transylvania has declared itself independent of Hungary. Hungary says no, but I don’t recall anyone asking them.

The US army transfers 40 shell-shocked soldiers to Fort Sheridan, where it will try to cure them with... “physical training.”

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