Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Today -100: November 7, 1918: The Kaiser should be sent to St. Helena

Germany’s armistice delegation arrives at the Allied lines.

Demonstrations are breaking out all over Germany calling for ending the war and/or ending the monarchy. There are posters in Berlin saying “The Kaiser should be sent to St. Helena” (you know, like Napoleon).

The Austrian archdukes are all fleeing to Switzerland. Empress Zita has rented a chateau on Lake Constance.

Italy is holding something like 1 million Austrian POWs. Some of that is because Austrian troops didn’t retreat after the armistice because nobody, um, told them about it.

Theodore Roosevelt says Republicans won both houses of Congress “on the unconditional surrender issue” and that “the entire pro-German and pacifist vote was behind the Wilson Democratic ticket”. He says the victory was more for “straight Americanism” than Republicanism, and many Democrats voted Republican for war reasons.

Czechoslovakian leaders declares a republic, from a safe distance in Switzerland. Karel Kramář, a former political prisoner, is named prime minister (the NYT says president, but that’s Tomáš Masaryk).

There’s also a new Yugoslav/Jugoslav republic, but it won’t be around long.

Commercial Product That Has No Effect on Spanish Flu Being Promoted As Having An Effect on Spanish Flu of the Day -100:

If you think I’ve posted this before, that was actually an ad from a different malted milk company. Drink both, just to be sure.

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