Monday, November 26, 2018

Today -100: November 26, 1918: Of black jacks, borders, and lady ambassadors

Some Republicans in Ohio start a campaign for Gen. Black Jack Pershing for president in 1920. The organizers claim not to know whether Pershing actually wants to be president.

A bunch of soldiers, sailors and marines try to storm a socialist meeting in Madison Square Garden, but are pushed back by mounted cops.

The French are discussing what the borders of Alsace-Lorraine should be, and they’re getting greedy, suggesting they should get back not just territory lost in 1870 but in 1815 as well.

Supposedly German Chancellor Friedrich Ebert gives up real power to the Soldiers’ and Workers’ Council.

Rosika Schwimmer, the Jewish Hungarian suffragist, active during the war in the international feminist anti-war movement, is appointed Hungarian ambassador to Switzerland, making her the first woman ambassador ever (depending on whether you count St. Catherine of Siena. Do you?).

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