Thursday, November 29, 2018

Today -100: November 29, 1918: Of court intrigues, pogroms, and lady delegates

“The New York Times correspondent can state authoritatively that since his arrival in Holland the ex-Kaiser has not ceased to endeavor to prove Germany guiltless in the war.” He asserts his lack of responsibility and blames “court intrigues.” At least he didn’t have a fucking Twitter account.

Last week there was a pogrom in Lemberg (aka Lvov, aka Lviv, aka Lwów), Poland, following the Polish expulsion of troops from Ukraine, which claims the region. Polish soldiers and civilians attacked the Jewish and Ukrainian quarters of the city. Dozens are killed, shops are looted, and houses burned, as was the custom. The Polish Information Bureau in NY denies there was any pogrom, saying it’s a story spread by Germans to bias the Allies against the creation of an independent Poland. It isn’t.

The New Jersey Association Opposed to Woman Suffrage writes to Pres. Wilson objecting to Carrie Chapman Catt’s proposal that there be at least one woman on the US delegation to the peace talks.

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