Thursday, September 17, 2020

Today -100: September 17, 1920: Boom

An explosion shakes Wall Street, across from the J.P. Morgan building. The ultimate death toll will be 38, mostly low-level employees, plus the horse pulling the wagon containing the explosives. Junius Morgan III is slightly cut on one hand. At press time, quite a long time after the explosion (noon), it’s still not entirely clear that this was an intentional bombing, although of course...

No responsibility will ever be taken and no arrests ever made. Investigations will suggest that the driver of the wagon got away.

The 5 Socialists who have been elected to the NY State Assembly and then expelled more times than I can count are... wait for it... elected to the NY State Assembly. This after the Democrats and Republicans agreed to run joint fusion candidates against them in each of the districts.

French President Paul Deschanel resigns. He is, as the French probably say, looné toons.

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