Saturday, September 19, 2020

Today -100: September 19, 1920: Of new voters, Californians, and occupations

Democratic Party leaders in the South are scared:  white women have not been registering to vote, and black women have. It is believed that out-of-state Republicans are helping them, but election officials are doing their best to prevent black women qualifying, using literacy tests and whatnot.

The Census shows the population of California as 3,426,526, up 44% from the 1910 Census. It now has more people than Georgia or Indiana.

Navy Secretary Josephus Daniels angrily defends the 1915 invasion of Haiti against Harding’s charges, which were intended to damage then-Assistant Navy Secretary Franklin Roosevelt. Daniels says the Marines built roads (with forced labor, he doesn’t add), preserved order (by shooting people), introduced sanitation and saved Haiti from so-called bandits.

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