Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Today -100: September 22, 1920: We are training our youth to recognize the evils of that race, which we do not detest, but which we will not endure

Headline of the Day -100: 

This is the Sack of Balbriggan and I believe the first time the NYT uses the term “Black and Tans” – the auxiliary police brought in to terrorize Ireland into submission. 150 of them destroy a town 22 miles from Dublin in revenge for a couple of cops killed outside a pub there earlier in the day. Dozens of homes, as well as factories and pubs, are burned, and two people shot and bayoneted to death, probably after being tortured to reveal the names of local Sinn Féin leaders. The B&T’s then leave, singing “Boys of the Bulldog Breed.”

Headline of the Day -100:  

University of California (i.e., Berkeley) President David Prescott Barrows gives an interview supporting California banning Asians from owning or renting land: “The doom of the United States is the possession of this region by Orientals”. He asks for the rest of the country to understand that California is on the racial front line. “[I]n order that America may lead we are training our youth to recognize the evils of that race, which we do not detest, but which we will not endure.”

And yes, UC Berkeley students are currently trying to get Barrows Hall “denamed,” mostly based on his History of the Philippines (1905), which says “the history of the black, or negro, race begins only with the exploration of Africa by the white race, and the history of the American Indians, except perhaps of those of Peru and Mexico, begins only with the white man’s conquest of America.”

Democratic presidential candidate James Cox, speaking in Long Beach, says he’d let California lead in forming national policy on the immigration of the Oriental races.

Police stop a crowd trying to lynch a black man who mugged a white woman for her purse, containing $5. In New York City, no less.

Poet-aviator-duce Gabriele d’Annunzio names his cabinet for the Italian Regency of Quarnero (Fiume). He will also be foreign minister. Fiume is celebrating its independence in the traditional manner, with an outbreak of bubonic plague.

The New York State Assembly again ousts 3 of the elected and re-elected Socialist members, but not the other two, who nevertheless resign, denouncing the Assembly as “un-American.”

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