Sunday, September 20, 2020

Today -100: September 20, 1920: Of death wagons, hats, islands, duchess-nuns, and refuse

Major breakthrough in the investigation of the Wall Street bombing: they have identified the farrier who made the horse shoes of the horse (RIP) who hauled the explosives-filled “death wagon” (farriers put a mark on each horseshoe they make). But he can’t remember anything about the driver, even his nationality. So I suppose it’s also pointless to ask him the horse’s name. The wreckage is now a major tourist attraction.

Police say they have recovered a great number of hats at the scene.

The London Sunday Times doubts that Terence MacSwiney and the other Irish prisoners can really be doing proper hunger strikes. It’s been nearly 40 days after all. Visitors must be sneaking them food. MacSwiney issues a statement that God is keeping him alive to give the English “their last chance to pause and consider.”

Swedish Prime Minister Hjalmar Branting suggests that Sweden and Finland’s agreement to let the League of Nations decide ownership of the Ă…land Islands may have prevented a war. He also thinks the islands will be given to Sweden, because the majority of the population is Swedish and not Finnish like Finland claims (the League will give the islands to Finland, but require a large measure of autonomy, which continues to this day, and that they not be militarized).

The Grand Duchess Marie-Adelaide of Luxembourg, who abdicated as the country’s ruler last year, goes into a Carmelite convent in Italy.

Samuel Shortridge, Republican running for the US Senate from California (Spoiler Alert: he will win), the brother of Clara Foltz, the super-impressive first woman lawyer in California, opposes letting in “the refuse of Oriental countries. The thought of it appals the calmest mind and disturbs the stoutest heart.”

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