Sunday, September 06, 2020

Today -100: September 6, 1920: Of covers of mayoral courts, presidents, and tanks

British Prime Minister David Lloyd George rejects NYC Mayor Hylan’s plea for the release of his fellow lord mayor, Terence MacSwiney, saying he can’t interfere with the course of justice and law. Well, he did impose military courts on Ireland, including the one that sentenced MacSwiney, does that count as interfering with the course of justice and law? that probably doesn’t count, because reasons. The British Labour Party has also asked for MacSwiney’s release. The government responds that MacSwiney was “actively conducting the affairs of a rebel organisation under the cover of a Mayoral court,” and so could perfectly legitimately have been just taken out and shot. It also points out that since MacS’s arrest, a lot of cops have been assassinated in Ireland.

There are also 11 hunger-strikers in Cork Gaol, now on the 26th day of their strike, which the NYT notes is “a record for Irish political prisoners.”

Gen. Álvaro Obregón is elected president of Mexico.

Factories in Milan are on strike. The strikers have tanks. The article, sadly, does not explain how it is that they came to have tanks. It’s probably a funny story too.

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